Biloxi Blueberry

A delightful taste of the South in every bite. Nestled in charming landscapes, our blueberry orchards thrive under the warm sun and gentle breezes, producing plump, juicy blueberries bursting with flavor.

Our commitment to quality is evident in every step of our cultivation process. From careful selection of the finest varieties to meticulous nurturing using sustainable practices, we ensure our blueberries carry the essence of the land they're grown on.

  • Biloxi blueberries are notable for their bushy growth habit and high-quality berries with excellent flavor. The Biloxi blueberry is recommended for no-chill regions where the bush can be grown fully evergreen.
  • Biloxi is a great blueberry for very low-chill climates such as Southern Florida and some countries in Latin America such as Perú. This southern highbush performs exceptionally in climates with little to no frost potential and can be grown even in tropical conditions, where it tends to flower and fruit in cycles year-round.

Features and Strengths


  • Type
    Vaccinium Corymbosum
  • Plant Type
    Semi Erect Plant
  • Harvest Duration
    Medium High (3 to 5 months)
  • Productivity
    High, + 3 Kilos.
  • Color
    Intense Blue
  • Gauge
    Greater than 10 mm
  • Berry Weight
    Greater than 1.8 grams


  • High Productivity
  • Medium firmness (lower than 60)
  • Upper Bloom
  • Good post-harvest life
  • Medium to low crispness

Harvest Calendar

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Come visit us and experience the authentic taste of nature in every bite. Join us in celebrating the harmony between the land, the fruit, and the people who make it all possible. Thank you for being a part of our blueberry family!

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